Expertly leading our design group

Ken Coppard, Design Group Leader at Wiley, has built a credible reputation for excellence over his stella 34-year career, delivering future-focused designs for major clients in the food and meat processing industry.

With a strong portfolio of projects ranging from small upgrades, through to highly complex, large-scale ($150M) processing facilities, Ken understands the unique operational challenges his clients face. Applying his design experience, spanning across all aspects of food and meat processing, Ken develops practical solutions optimising their efficiencies, safety and functionality.

As Design Group Leader, Ken is responsible for management of design teams and the overview of the project design from inception through to project completion. As a team leader and key decision maker in the design process, he has played a pivotal role on many Wiley milestone projects and has contributed significantly to the development of Wiley quality standards.
Ken’s expertise, dedication and collaborative leadership style adds value to every project. He is known for being friendly, approachable and cooperative. His genuine desire to help clients and provide the best possible outcome underscores everything he does.
Ken’s curiosity and genuine interest in each client’s needs have earned him long-term trust and respect. He makes informed decisions, reducing the need for costly rework and ensuring projects meet both operational and budgetary requirements.
Ken continues to be a highly trusted and respected project partner for clients, consistently designing cutting-edge facilities to drive their growth and success.

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