New Extrusion Mill, New Value For Industry

Ridley Corporation Limited (Ridley) (ASX: RIC) continues their path upstream, with the announcement that Wiley will take on the responsibility of Design Build partner and Principal Contractor for their new Extrusion Mill project in Westbury, Tasmania.

The new state of the art, purpose built mill, will have an annualised capacity of up to 50,000 tonnes per annum, on-site bulk storage capacity and fit for purpose warehouses for both raw materials and finished goods. The Extrusion Mill will manufacture and supply feed primarily to the salmon industry, as well as other aquaculture species in Australia and in New Zealand.

Wiley have been engaged by Ridley to design and construct the Extrusion Mill and the duo have been working together on the design of the facility over the past year. Following the recent Development Approval for the project, the collaboration will continue through the construction phase on to a fully operational facility.

Wiley Innovation and Strategy Director, Brandon Miller said “We are proud to collaborate with Ridley on this fantastic project. It’s great to work with a company that shares similar values to our own. Our commitment to Ridley and the broader aquaculture industry is to deliver value at every stage of this project and unlock a new level of commercial possibilities for the industry in doing so”

The new Extrusion Mill will add to Ridley’s already strong position as the market leading producer of high quality animal nutrition solutions. This modern processing facility will incorporate the latest technologies from around the world and provides the industry with a wide range of benefits. These include a greater capacity in shorter lead times and the ability to collaborate more closely on new product development and dietary enhancements.

Mr Miller concluded by saying “We’ve been a part of what is going into the design and engineering of this project and it is truly world class. It’s due for completion in 2019 and it is now our job to bring it to life”.

Ridley announces new Tasmanian feedmill