Wiley gets the green light on AJ Bush & Son’s biogas project

$6.2M grant gives Wiley the green light on AJ Bush & Son’s biogas recovery project

Greg Combet, Minister for Industry and Innovation, today announced one of the largest grants to be offered since the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program was launched last year.

The successful applicant and long term clients of Wiley—AJ Bush & Sons (Manufacturers) Pty Ltd—are a major Australian meat by-products rendering company.

The project improves energy efficiency through the capture of biogas from anaerobic ponds which will fuel new energy-efficient boilers and reduce their carbon emission intensity by 64%.

The project will start in early 2013 and is expected to be completed by mid-2014.

Wiley and AJ Bush & Sons have a long and successful history.  AJ Bush & Sons relocated their rendering facility from Murarrie to Beaudesert in 1992.  Wiley were commissioned to design, engineer and build the new facility.  In 2001, the facility was completely destroyed by fire and Wiley were awarded the task of reconstructing the plant; resulting in minimum interruption to the company’s overall production.

Tom Wiley, Managing Director said “This is a great example of the food industry leveraging eco-technologies to create significant reductions in energy consumption and real efficiency improvements.”

A J Bush & Sons rendering plant at Beaudesert rebuilt by Wiley in 2001.