Who am I: Project Manager - Engineering

My priorities in life are simple: Religion, Family, Work and Sport.

My religious belief ensure I stay grounded, on centre, humble honest and caring. My favourite month of the year is RAMADAN.

My wife and I have 5 beautiful children. We try to provide a balanced lifestyle for them that consists of education, sport and plenty of getaways/travel. Our annual family holidays are a highlight and consist of over 30 of our extended family members. We have been to Wollongong (NSW), Marimbula (NSW), Lakes Entrance (VIC), Lorne (VIC), Gold Coast (QLD), Davenport (TAS), Malaysia, Thailand and Bali. Where to next …….

With 5 kids, work is a getaway for me. I like the comradery that you get being around a group of people that strive for excellence while still having a laugh, helping each other out and sharing their knowledge with the rest of the team. My biggest enjoyment in work is watching/helping young people succeed and become valuable contributors to the organisation.

I love all major sporting events. I enjoy watching champions apply their trade and records getting broken. If you made a world cup for snail racing, I’d watch it. But one sport does stand tall above all other. Aussie Rules Football. I loved playing. I love coaching the under 13’s at Hadfield FC and of course I love watching my beloved West Coast Eagles.

Favourite Food: Lebanese BBQ
Favourite Movie: Shaw Shank Redemption and Seven
Favourite TV program: Big Bang Theory, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, Friends, Two and a half men (all comedy)
Soccer Team: Melbourne Victory and Manchester United and Brazil
Cricket Team: Victoria and West Indies
Rugby Team: Melbourne Storm
Tennis Player: Rafael Nadal
Formula One: Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)
Netball: The Silver Ferns
Olympics: Australia
Gold: Tiger Woods
NBA: Chicago Bulls
NFL: Philadelphia Eagles


  • Love thy neighbour
  • Treat people the way you would like to be treated
  • Smile and say hello
  • Always remember, there are people a lot worse off than you
  • Ask for help