Steritech Pty Ltd sterilisation facility design

Client: Steritech Pty Ltd
Location: Queensland, Australia
Scope overview: Design a highly specialised facility for sterilising products
Facility: Sterilisation Facility

Project Description

Wiley advises on sensitive sterilisation facility for Steritech Pty Ltd


For more than 30 years, Steritech Pty Ltd has been the partner of choice within industries requiring sterilisation and decontamination services.


Wiley was commissioned to design a highly specialised sterilisation facility for sterilising products such as medical health products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, cereals and fodder crops.

As Steritech uses an advanced form of radiation technology in its sterilisation process, the project raised safety and environmental issues.


  • Liaising with the client’s technology and equipment supplier in Canada
  • Ensuring the adequacy of a mass concrete chamber structure to retain the source pool where radioactive rods are stored and to contain radioactivity during operation.



  • Advice on the best use of the site for the complex, in-ground and highly critical structure
  • Assistance with client legal proceedings responding to environmental concerns.


  • Facility master planning for efficient goods receiving, processing, dispatch and future expansion
  • Detailed liaison with the Canadian technology supplier to interpret specialised design requirements for radiation retention
  • Full construction detailing for all building components and building services.


Wiley delivered a period of specialised advice during the project’s sensitive approval phases. Later, they also provided full construction design detailing for a groundbreaking project with a high public profile and sensitive safety and environmental issues.