Teys Naracoorte Wastewater Treatment and Biogas Harvesting Solution

Client: Teys Australia
Location: Naracoorte, South Australia
Scope overview: Design, engineering and construction of a site wastewater treatment and biogas harvesting solution for on-site electricity generation
Facility: Teys Naracoorte
Project Profile: Download PDF

Project Description

Wiley delivered the design, installation and commissioning of a highly-efficient effluent treatment system. The solution replaced aging wastewater treatment processes, with new pre-treatment and anaerobic treatment, specifically designed for biogas harvesting.

The project included:
– Installation of primary screening equipment to separate and dewater solids; reducing disposal costs and contamination of downstream processes
– Construction of a new 25ML Covered Anaerobic Lagoon (CAL) to treat wastewater and generate biogas
– CAL cover system to store biogas safely and manage rainwater capture on top of the cover
– Biogas treatment processes to remove condensation and H2S
– Biogas safety features to automatically flare excess biogas and redundant systems to vent biogas
– Installation of a biogas delivery system—to pipe biogas from the CAL to a new combined heat and power plant for site electricity generation.